Mar 22, 2012

New Hair

 Well, relatively new to be exact. I did it a few weeks ago but it finally grew on me and just in time for my next appointment at the hair-saloon. I'm thinking of shortening the back this time but we will see if I'm brave. I just love, love, love Jessie J's hair maybe it is because my boyfriend hates her and this is some kind of a subconscious way to bug him or I just  fancy her .... who knows :) Any way, in short I want her hairstyle.


  1. Love it! I was also inspired by her hair and cut my bangs about 6 months ago, but was never able to cut my whole hair :(! Very cool! There is a Lotus Mendes giveaway going on on my blog, I think you would really like to participate! Hope to see you soon love <3

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