Oct 30, 2011

Decided to be a "flapper" for Halloween this year. And while searching for inspiration found these beautiful photos.

Oct 25, 2011

Blue for you

Boutique by Jaeger velvet shirt
£130 -

Miss Selfridge blue jacket
£30 -

Wooden heel shoes
$130 -

Christian Dior patent handbag
$150 -

Sobral cobalt jewelry
$40 -

Miu Miu gunmetal jewelry
$150 -

Bubble jewelry
$85 -

Heather Huey peaked hat
$198 -


   I found this wonderful video made by wendyslookbook and just had to share it with you. There are a lot of "how to tie a scarf" videos but this one is just so bubbly and fun. Also, all of the suggestions are wearable. I mean, I  have seen some videos that are just a bit too much for me. 

 Открих това прекрасено видео, направено от wendyslookbook и просто трябваше да го споделя с вас. Има много "how to tie a scarf" видео клипове, но тава видео е толкова игриво и забавно. А и доста често предложенията не са много подходящи за носене. Понякога има твърде екстравагантни решениа, за носенето на които просто не ми достига смелост.